Steering System

Cool Performance Spec SimSteering2 FFB System (54) – 26NM

The Cool Performance Spec Simsteering2 system has been tuned and configured by driver Adrian Quaife-Hobbs, Lando Norris and Leo Bodnar Electronics. This makes the system behave and react in a more realistic way than the regular system. Adrian has driven in many race catagories starting from Formula Renault right up to Formula 1 and more recently GT3 in Blancpain and has worked with simulators for many years so he was in a unique position to be able to give precise feedback of the feeling that should be experienced. What we have worked on is the steering feel as when you have the damping settings low the feeling is very good and raw in the corners but you suffer with oscillations and this is the major problem with force feedback in general. We worked on the firmware so that you can run lower damping settings to get the feelings mid corner but not suffer the oscillations at high force feedback levels. This in turn improves the feel you get and also allows you to feel the smaller details like the road texture and smaller details that can be lost with high damping settings. We have also provided our recommended settings for this steering system and also the in game settings for iRacing to use below which have been tuned by Adrian Quaife-Hobbs. It will work with all other software including iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, rF1 & 2 etc and improve the steering feel and stability.



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