Official Porsche 911 RSR Steering Wheel | Cool Performance Racing Simulators
Official Porsche 911 RSR Steering Wheel | Cool Performance Racing Simulators

Official Porsche 911 RSR Steering Wheel

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There Is a 2-3 Week Lead Time On This Product.

Official Porsche Licensed Product

The only officially licensed Porsche 911 RSR simulator steering wheel produced over at GRID By SimLab, is here for you to purchase at Cool Performance Racing Simulators. Using high-grade parts to give you the most realistic feeling of holding the actual 911 RSR wheel. 

The Porsche 911 RSR Sim Racing Steering Wheel

Using 80 LEDs, you can be certain that these LEDs are outputting the accuracy of the real-life Porsche 911 RSR steering wheel. Featuring an adjustable dual-clutch and shifter paddle to set at your choosing, you can take complete control of the comfort and the accuracy of your inputs.

This GRID Engineering 911 RSR steering wheel has a built-in 5" display covered with glass, leaving you with the finest balance between aesthetics and functionality. 

GRID knows that Racing Simulator drivers spend long periods driving. That's why there are custom over-molded PU grips with an anti-static mixture to keep your hands engaged and comfortable throughout your simulator driving time.

4 Encoders, 4 Switches, and 12 push buttons remain at your disposal for in-car adjustments or hotkeys within your racing simulation. These buttons/switches/encoders featured on this GRID Porsche 911 RSR Simulator Steering Wheel can be programmed to your needs at the touch of a button. 

Your GRID Porsche 911 RSR Steering Wheel arrives in your hands with the Porsche Official Licensed Sticker and encased in beautiful custom packaging with a foamed interior to protect your new steering wheel. Making this simulator steering wheel an ideal choice for fans of the iconic German racing car. 



5" USB Display


Silkscreen printed scratchproof glass


Custom over-molded PU grips with an anti-static mixture


Custom billet aluminum power injection box


Rear carbon access door for easy connector replacement


650gf APEM switches (4 RGB LEDs per)


Backlit front encoders (4 RGB LEDs per)


80 Telemetry controllable RGB LEDs


Height-adjustable paddle shifters


Height adjustable dual clutches


6-pin Lumberg connector


6 x 70mm hub spacer included - 50mm length


All PC wheelbases via USB

Shipping Mid-End February 2023.