The Top 5 Reasons a Racing Simulator Is The Perfect Training Tool

Racing simulators have become increasingly popular in recent years as technology has improved and COVID had us all stuck at home! More and more drivers are using simulators to train and also have fun in their downtime with friends. Below we explain why they are the perfect training tool.
Here are the top 5 reasons why:
1. A racing simulator can help reduce the cost of travelling to simulators.
2. A racing simulator can improve your race craft.
3. A racing simulator can increase your data analysis skills.
4. A racing simulator can help you learn tracks.
5. A racing simulator is a great way to reduce testing costs on track.
Let us explain. 
  1. Racing simulators can reduce your season costs massively. If you can do your testing and training at home on your simulator, you can save money on real-life testing. It also helps if you are working with a tight budget for your season. The reason behind our company was to create a simulator to be able to train to the highest level, without having to travel.
  2. A racing simulator can improve your race craft. it's great being able to be fast in a car, but your race craft and race pace are what separates the rookies from the world champions. Being able to race other cars and compete in different track conditions will allow you to learn how to adapt to racing conditions, such as safety car restarts, certain flag track conditions and overtaking. You can replicate every scenario there is to ensure you arrive at the track prepared a level above the competition.
  3. A racing simulator can increase your data analysis skills. In order to be fast, you need to understand what the data is telling you about the car and how it is performing. This takes time and experience to learn, but a simulator can speed up the process by giving you live data that you have created to read and analyse. The data the simulator outputs is the same as real-life telemetry, which allows you to go through it the same way you will at the track. MoTec is the same data software many professional car teams use, so you can overlay real data with simulator data.
  4. A racing simulator can also help you learn the track. If you’re racing at a new circuit, it can be difficult to learn the layout and braking points. A simulator can help you learn the track quickly and easily so that when you get to the real thing, you’ll already have a good understanding of kerbs, track layout and surface feel.
  5. Below we are going to outline the cost-effectiveness of a simulator -
All of these costs are approximate and will range from team to team, we are using these prices as a guide. All test days are assuming 4 hours of driving per day.
  • Cost of 10 FIA Formula 4 test days. £6,000 per day. Total per hour £1500. Total for 10 days £60,000
  • Cost of 10 FIA Formula 3 test days. £12,000 per day. Total per hour £3000. Total for 10 days £120,000
  • Cost of 10 FIA Formula 2 test days £20,000 per day. Total per hour £5000. Total for 10 days £200,000
The total cost of your formula career testing - £380,000
The total cost of your formula career testing per hour - £3,166.66
30 test days would also cost a large sum for travel, accommodation, general expenses and your time.
The cost of our Formula Simulator is £32,000 (price for context).
The total cost of doing the same testing as above on our Cool Performance Formula Simulator per hour - £266.66
Total saving to do the same amount of testing in real life vs the simulator - £348,000
On a simulator, you can not only test for more than 4 hours per day but you can utilise your time with not having to lose days travelling. You can train at home. The cost per hour of testing is massively reduced across a race season, we are not saying do not complete any test days in real life, but we are saying you can help your racing career in two ways. You can utilise your downtime away from the track and you can get more laps under your belt if you do not have the budget for a large number of test days.
Each driver is different and will get different things out of using a simulator. However, the investment can be extremely beneficial for all drivers. If you are looking to improve your driving skills, a simulator is definitely worth considering.
This is only based on the above example, in reality you can use this simulator for your whole career and further. You can use this simulator as much as your commitment wants you to. That's why so many young drivers start training on our simulator. Lando Norris is the best example of this. He used our simulator all the way throughout his car career, and it's placed him into Formula 1.
The amount of professional drivers using our simulator speaks for itself. If racing simulators are a waste of time, why do so many drivers use them?
To read about why our Cool Performance Formula Simulator is so effective and used by the worlds top professional drivers, follow this link to read about the lengths we go to, to provide the most realistic experience available on a simulator.


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