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LM-PRO Junior Formula Steering Wheel

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Please note this is the non-backlit button version. The push buttons are gel coated stickers.
The LM-Pro brings the feel of a junior formula and Le Mans prototype steering wheel into your hands. Design and built by Precision Sim Engineering, this wheel has been developed, tested and used by multiple Le Mans 24 winning racing drivers. With injection moulded polyurethane grips and industrial-grade cabling, the LM-Pro is robust and reliable. Perfect for long stints on your simulator, it has high-quality push buttons, toggle switches and rotary dials. You will never miss a gear shift with our magnetic gear shifters and carbon fibre paddles.




  • m diameter
  • Injection moulded polyurethane grips
  • 5 rotary dial controls
  • 12 high-quality push buttons
  • 2 toggle switches
  • PSE magnetic gear shifters with carbon fibre paddles
  • Replaceable industrial-grade coiled USB cable

Compatible With:


  • PC or Mac
  • Any 50.8mm quick release coupling (not included)
  • Simucube SC2 + SC1
  • SimSteering
  • OSW
  • Accuforce (Accuforce quick release not included)
  • Fanatec Podium and CSW 2.5 via Fanatec Podium Hub (not included)

Check Your Setup

The LM-Pro wheel connects to a PC or Mac via its own dedicated USB input. Not compatible with PlayStation or Xbox.


Please note: The lead-time can be up to 4 weeks, but we think they’re worth the wait. Please email us for accurate lead times.