Simulator Rental

Renting a professional grade racing simulator has never been so easy. We are not only the turnkey solution to home simulators, but the turnkey solution to your event, promotion or personal racing needs.

From £1,850 Per Day

Lando Norris Autosport | Cool Performance Racing Simulators

Do you want to entertain clients? 

We can provide full turnkey simulators ready to use with one of our specialists to show clients how to use the simulator. We can deliver, install and run the simulator/s so you dont have to. A great way for clients wanting to experience how Formula 1 drivers train and drive. We can cater to all levels of hospitality so email us today to start building your Cool Performing event!

Racing Simulator Rental | Cool Performance Racing Simulators
Formula Racing Simulator | Cool Performance Racing Simulators
Simulator Rental | Cool Performance Racing Simulators

Do you need to produce a commercial or photoshoot?

We also provide simulators for photo and video shoots. We take care of all the finer details such as commercial licencing and helping the video/photographers get the shots you need. Working with some large brands like Tumi. We are experienced when it comes to shooting commercials with our simulators.

Do you need advice and guidance with your commercial?

We have been working with world re-owned brands across a number years, all using our simulators in commercial projects to their full potential. We can guide and advise you with your project to ensure you have the finish and quality content you require. Working with so many different projects, we have a wide range of ideas,branding and features we can talior to your needs. We completeley work to your needs, thats why the worlds top brands are using our simulators for their marketing projects.

Simulator Rental | Cool Performance
Cool Performance Simulator

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