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Why is it unique?

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Our formula simulator seat is designed from real life measurements from Formula cars such as F1,F2,F3,F4 Fomula Regional and Euroformula. We have designed the seat mounting so it can be adjusted according to the car you want to drive. Giving you the full flexibility to drive in the most accurate racing simulator to real life.

Our formula racing simulator seat is made totally from scratch. Handmade out of fibreglass or carbon (depending on your specification). We then line these seats with leather sides and suede on the inside. They are hand stitched together for maximum finish quality.

We drill these seats during production which allows us to mount the buttkicker without any need for a bracket, firstly increasing the efficiency of the vibration and secondly maximising the look of the seat. The finished product looks clean and free of any bolts through the seat.

Our formula seating is one of the only seats for a racing simulator which is crafted in this way, that is why our Formula Racing Simulator is so well known for being unique to the simulator market.



The rigidity of the seat is a very important aspect, ensuring it doesn't flex or bend in any longer extruding parts. That's why our experience of producing these custom seats so frequently has allowed us to understand the optimal thickness and sizing of seats. We have a uniform-sized seat which is on almost all of our simulators. We have made custom seats for the likes of NBA players who don't quite fit into our standard size! If you require something tailored we can mould the seat to your body using the same process as real-life race cars. This can be done worldwide.

Comfort and Adjustablity

Our formula simulator seat is padded with high quality foamed padding. Ensuring you are sitting in comfort and the correct part of the seat, different thickness padding is inserted specifically to the sides and bottom of the seat to ensure you sit perfectly in the middle.

Our formula simulator seat can be mounted in one of three positions, as you can see in the first image at the top of this page there is 4 bolts each side holding the seat in place, these can be adjusted for height of the seating.


All of our seats are mounted on silky smooth sliders for ease of adjustment. These operate from a bar underneath the seat to allow you to adjust back and forward 20cm each way.


When customising your seat, you can choose from a choice of stitching colour, suede colour and the type/colour of the leather. You can also choose the material for the shell of the seat. We provide fibreglass as standard but any coloured carbon fibre can be created espcially for you! Which makes the personalisation unique to you, the same way high-end cars are.