Half F1 Car Simulator
Half F1 Car Simulator
Half F1 Car Simulator
Half F1 Car Simulator
Half F1 Car Simulator
Half F1 Car Simulator
Half F1 Car Simulator
Load image into Gallery viewer, Half F1 Car Simulator
Load image into Gallery viewer, Half F1 Car Simulator
Load image into Gallery viewer, Half F1 Car Simulator
Load image into Gallery viewer, Half F1 Car Simulator
Load image into Gallery viewer, Half F1 Car Simulator
Load image into Gallery viewer, Half F1 Car Simulator
Load image into Gallery viewer, Half F1 Car Simulator

Half F1 Car Simulator

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Our Half F1 car is our most realistic looking simulator based on a real F1 car mould. Not only does our model look extremely realistic with your choice of colour but we have increased the internal space to accommodate a larger range of drivers in comfort.

Key features provided as standard with our half F1 car:

  • Your choice of colour for the simulator
  • Top of the Range Professional Grade SimSteering Force Feedback System with up to 26Nm of Torque Output
  • Adjustable steering column for the best force feedback
  • Cool Performance Hydraulic Pedal System
  • Electronically Adjustable Pedal Position System
  • Custom moulded seat
  • Steering reach adjustment
  • High end Water Cooled Gaming PC ready to use
  • Motorsport Steering Wheel (any steering wheel you require) with Quick Release, Paddle Gear Shifters and External LCD or LED Display
  • High Quality Cabling
  • Cool Performance custom training software with your choice of 3 cars from our library
  • Hand Built by Experts. Each of our Cool Performance simulators is hand built by Quaife Engineering in Kent, UK.

Optional Extras

  • Tactile Feedback System
  • Quaife Sequential Gearshifter
  • XAP steering wheels
  • D-Box Motion System with travel of your choice for Chassis Movement
  • Upgraded water-cooled graphics card
  • Additional PC and data station behind a wall with window to watch the driver
  • Custom livery for the car

Visual Options

Each display option has been carefully chosen to provide minimum input lag and minimum motion blur. All screens include our custom folding mounting frame. Most off the shelf TV’s 60hz and will be around 30-100ms of input lag which is why we will ensure we test every screen we offer to ensure it meets our high standards and is calibrated properly.

  • 3 x 55” Screen 120hz and 10ms lag (3.2 metres width required)
  • 3 x 65” Screen 120hz and 10ms lag (3.6 metres width required)
  • 190 degree double-curved projection screen with projectors and image warping software, we fly out a specialist team of engineers from Germany to warp the screen correctly so the image doesn't warp out of place.

Driving Controls


Having been involved in establishing what is known as the industry standard in high-performance steering force feedback systems gives us unique access to reproducing 1:1 simulated steering feedback with the real world.

The high precision servo motor we use to create the high steering torque has been specified to match the weight of our system for the perfect inertia balance and thus the perfect driving feel as we intended. Over 2 million points of resolution per wheel turn are fed back to the control electronics for processing resulting in an unbelievable amount of detail felt through the wheel.

The steering feedback you receive provides the same feelings as you would expect in real life for whichever car you are driving as all the car models within our software have been backed up with real-life steering torque data to ensure accuracy.

Apart from the seat the steering wheel is the only item in the cockpit you are (or should be!) constantly in contact with and have in your vision at all times. It’s one of the most important items in the car and therefore one we consider to be one of the most important to be right in the simulator.

Having built a rapport over the past few years with the steering wheel manufacturer and supplier to many series including GP2 and Formula Renault we are in a unique position to be able to supply real-life XAP steering wheels for simulation use.

Using real steering wheel hardware not only provides the exact visual and physical connection whilst driving, but also offers the same level of high durability required to last a few full seasons of racing in a harsh environment. High durability grips, carbon fibre and precision made aluminium components fitted with magnetic sensor gear and clutch paddles are some of the features that make the XAP wheels very reliable for many years of service.

Pedal Box

In terms of the importance of being correct, the pedals are on par with the steering and in particular the brake. We have spent a considerable amount of time analysing, developing and testing our hydraulic braking system and adjustable gas spring throttle and believe we now have the most accurate and adjustable pedal system available anywhere.

An accurate brake pedal feel is one of the most important areas of a simulator where a driver can improve and take the advantage to the track with them. The brake pedal is able to withstand over 200kg of force with absolutely no bending or flexing whilst remaining electronically adjustable via the push of a button to move the pedals forward and back running on high quality linear bearings. The entire pedal box has a total travel of 300mm to ensure that anyone can find the perfect position quickly.

The pedals are completely independent and you can set the spacing between the pedals for the required configuration for your current car and all future cars. The pedals are also modular so you can add or take away pedals easily and quickly.

The main plate for the pedals is machine polished and then hard chromed so it is scratch resistant and will continue to look stunning in the future.

The hydraulic system consists of AP brake master cylinders and our own simulated brake caliper. The caliper offers hundreds of different configurations to achieve the brake feel required for your needs. Brake pad knock off or free travel can also be created by adjusting a nut on top of the caliper system.

Pro-Sim Hydraulic Pedal System using AP Master Cylinder


For our half F1 car we have worked very hard on the mould to ensure you get the best-looking shell possible with the most usable space inside. The mould is taken from an F1 car which makes it stand out as a centre piece for your simulator. What we changed was the interior because as you know F1 cars are very small on the inside but with this mould, even the larger driver will be able to fit comfortably. We also have a special headrest so that the back part is as you would expect but the sides are missing so it makes it easier to get in and out of the simulator which is more important.

Software – Car Physics

As well as our simulator being able to work with all popular simulation software we can also offer custom car models with them and that have been developed over the course of years to create the best car models on the market at the moment. All of the cars have accurately modelled suspension geometry, tyres, power curves, setups, dampers, gear ratios etc. The cars have been tested so that they all react exactly the same as in real life and are adjusted in the same way; this is the best way to use a simulator as it opens up a completely new level of simulator preparation previously reserved for a select few. Our simulator is used every day by top professional teams from Formula 4 up to F2 where the accuracy is such that they will compare our simulator data against real data to coach their drivers. We have personally developed the cars completely in house and are only available when you purchase a simulator from us so you know you will have something truly unique and exclusive.

We also have a remote coaching service that is available with our software; we can provide you with data created by a professional driver, we are also able to provide you with a full report on your driving and what you need to do to improve and most importantly how, so effectively you can have professional coaching from the comfort of your own home.

Pro-Sim Driver Telemetry Screen