Cool Performance Pedals Explained

Hydraulic Brake | Cool Performance Racing Simulators

What makes our pedals the choice for F1 drivers?

Our pedals are built with professional real life racers in mind, we wouldn't be able to put pedals which are not like real life on our simulators, firstly because no professional drivers would want to train using our simulators, and secondly because we believe in having the highest quality equipment on our racing simulators.

Our simulator brake pedal is the same pedal that is used in almost all cars, using the AP Racing master cylinder, and a motorsport grade sensor to give the highest accuracy reading of pressure. This consequently gives the driver an authentic feeling when applying pressure to the brake pedal.

The brake pedal uses real oil, this is also the same oil as would be used in the car. This gives the driver a realistic feeling when depressing the pedal. With all of this combined, you have a brake pedal which can incur 200kg of force and a lifetime warranty for it!

The throttle pedal we provide has 3 different levels of force that is adjustable by moving the gas spring to a different pivot point. We use a gas spring as we have found this to provide the best feel at part throttle when you want to feed in the power and really get a feeling of how much throttle is applied. With the gas spring you know exactly when you get on the throttle and the feel is far superior and was very noticeable when we extensivley tested it with professional drivers.


Pedal Set | Cool Performance Racing Simulators
Pedal Set | Cool Performance Racing Simulators

Handbuilt From Scratch

All of our pedals are built in-house by hand. This allows us to ensure every pedal we send to our customers is of the highest build, material and performance quality. We test all of the pedal sets for at least 1 hour on track (virtually!) to ensure there is no leakage or faults within the pedal.

We CNC machine all the materials and mount both the throttle and brake on high-quality SKF bearings to ensure silky smooth operation and prolonged life. We also finish the pedal support in Satin Chrome for the highest possible wear resistance and colour protection for many many years to come, the pedals themselves are also anodized black.

The pedals are all modular and via three M6 clearance holes can be mounted where you require this allows you to achieve the perfect spacing between the pedals. We go one step further on our simulators by slotting in a plate so that the pedals can be changed quickly and with ease.

Brake Adjustablity

Our Cool Performance brake pedal has hundreds of different configurations available to adjust the force curve to exactly how you require ranging from a linear to an exponential force curve and everything in between. To make the adjustments you need to loosen and remove the nut on our brake caliper shown in the image. With the nut removed the spacers and springs will come away allowing you to gain access to the belleville washers shown bottom right.

Changing the order, thickness and number of belleville washers inside the caliper are how the brake force curve is adjusted. We recommend using one of our predefined stacks which we have tested over a number of years. Once you have placed the stack back into the cylinder, refit the components as shown in the image to the right and re-tighten the nut. That is how the force can be adjusted on our simulators to meet all needs.