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Which screen size is the right for you?

Formula Racing Simulator 55

Which screen size is the best?

Formula Racing Simulator 55
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We are using the highest-grade screen/monitor available on all of our racing simulators. When we say the highest grade we mean 240hz 1m/s gaming monitors (including the ultrawide) and 120hz 5m/s TVs for the larger screens.

When choosing a screen/monitor size, you need to look at the space yu have available to you. The only limitation you have with screen sizing is the room you are placing the simulator. If you have a tight space you will need a smaller screen, and on the flipside if you have a large space there is no limit to the sizing. We can adjust all our frames to fit the space you require, due to the fact we build all of our frames in-house.

There is no right and wrong answer if you are asking is bigger better. Bigger screens give a slower screen quality than the gaming monitors. But to put this into context, the human eye wont notice the difference when you are driving on the simulator. You do have a difference in terms of where the screens are placed, because the larger screens are placed in front of the simulator (inline with the front of the cockpit) and the gaming monitors are placed over the steering motor/steering wheel area. Which means the experience can differ slightly with bigger or smaller screens/monitors.

Some people prefur the larger screens because its further away and can see a wider FOV. Meanwhile some people prefur the smaller screens to feel more in real life. Opinions differ on this topic but we believe the smaller gaming montitors are the best option, giving you the highest quality monitor and feeling involved with the action happening in front of you.

All of our monitors and TV's come with their standard manufacturer warranty should you ever encounter issues.


Screen Warranty

All of our monitors and TV's come with their standard manufacturer warranty should you ever encounter issues.

We handle the exchanging of screen/s, you simply just let us know and we arrange the rest.


All of our screens and monitors are optimised for simulation, we go through all the settings and add our own programmes to ensure they run flawlessly every time. We have spent huge amounts of time testing new screens and monitors which come to market. We always choose the best visuals for our simulators and that's why we do not sell only one brand of monitor and TV. We simply provide the best.



Screen cabling can effect the simulator experience if you dont use high quality cabling . That's why we provide the highest quality HDMI and Displayport cables with our monitors and screens. We do this to make sure you never get any issues with the quality of the picture or losing connection within the cables. Simply this takes away any hassle you could encounter with cheaper cables.

Screen Frame

Our simulators are turnkey solutions, which means the screen frames are included. These are designed, manufactured and set up in-house. For our gaming monitors, we do not sacrifice quality and sturdiness with cheap extrusion, we use thick extrusion to ensure that they are sturdy frames and will last a lifetime.