Pro-Sim H Pattern Simulator Shifter | Cool Performance Racing Simulators
Pro-Sim H Pattern Simulator Shifter | Cool Performance Racing Simulators
Pro-Sim H Pattern Simulator Shifter | Cool Performance Racing Simulators
Pro-Sim H Pattern Simulator Shifter | Cool Performance Racing Simulators
Pro-Sim H Pattern Simulator Shifter | Cool Performance Racing Simulators
Pro-Sim H Pattern Simulator Shifter | Cool Performance Racing Simulators

Pro-Sim H Pattern Simulator Shifter

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We are the only distributor offering a 5-Year warranty with your Pro Sim shifter.

Pre-Order For Delivery Mid-July.

With the help of world-renowned Quaife Engineering, Pro-Sim has created the best H pattern shifter available for the simulator. The simulator market was crying out for an H-pattern shifter that actually felt like driving a real car and not just pressing a few buttons on the end of a lever. The Pro-Sim H pattern is like the Sequential Pro-Sim Shifter and is an extremely robust design that you can really use hard without fear of breaking anything. The design is an 8-speed shifter with 6 forward gears and two extra gears for reverse that are located beyond the reverse interlock on the gear lever accessed by pushing the lever down and across to the left, this gives you the option of reverse forward or backwards.




The feeling is exactly the same as the real car and when you change gears and you can also see the selector rods engaging behind the Perspex cover exactly like your real gearbox would. The design and concept are taken directly from a production Quaife H pattern gearbox. On our shifter, the feeling comes from the selector rods and the centralization device used on most gearboxes rather than relying on a gate plate at the top which is what all other shifters on the market currently do.

The shifter itself is fully adjustable with the force of both centering and going through the gate easily adjustable by the user. The pivot point of the gear lever is also adjustable meaning without changing the length of the lever you can adjust the through between gears. The shifter has a short gear lever as standard which is something similar to one found on a Caterham and by the use of our shaft extension you have an additional 150mm possible in height and this is adjustable by 70mm to any height required.

The shifter will have a USB B socket on the back to be connected directly to the PC as a stand-alone device, we will supply the shifter with a high-quality 2m USB A to B cable.

Motion Ratio adjustment of gear lever:

If you adjust the motion ratio following our video guide here

All shifters leave our factory with the bearing in the upper position which gives the shortest travel on the lever. With the bearing in the lower position, the same length lever will travel further.

The photo below shows the difference you can expect it to make, this photo is without the shaft extension and shows the 6th gear engaged.

See a review of our Shifter by Sim Racing Garage:

Hydraulic shift lock mechanism explained (Optional Extra can be retrofitted)

The main problem with all shifters on the market is that you cannot simulate missed gears or interact with the software. For this to be accurate, it also needs to simulate the different types of gearboxes for dog engagement and also synchromesh:


Synchromesh: A synchromesh gearbox is what you would commonly find in your road car. This type of gear is engaged using cones to match the speed of the gears and then held in place with multiple ‘teeth’. With this type of gearbox, there is virtually no play when in gear, but there is a lot of surface area with a load on holding the gear in place. Because of the load on the teeth and the fact there is not much space, the gear needs to be doing almost the same speeds to be able to engage, and this is what the cones do. Still, they cannot overcome the engine brake without doing damage to the gearbox, so the clutch is needed for all changes.

Dog engagement: A dog engagement box is what you will commonly find in race cars and on most sequential gearboxes. This type of gear usually has 3 to 6 ‘dogs’ on each gear, and there is a lot of free space for them to engage this means there is normally quite a lot of play when in gear and why you often see race cars juddering forward and backwards when going down the pitlane. When you are driving fast, this is not an issue as you are pushing on one side of the dog for acceleration or braking rather than hovering in the middle. this is also why they are not suitable for daily use on the road. When shifting gears because of the space between the gears, normally, there can be up to a 900rpm difference in gear speeds, and the gear will still go in. Because of this, you do not need the clutch. To make a gear change, you need to reduce the load on the dogs so that it can release, this is normally done by just lifting the throttle on the up change. To change down a gear, there is already a reduction in the load that is sufficient. You need to blip the throttle so that you do not lock the rear wheels or cause unnecessary wear on the gearbox.

P‍lease note this shifter includes the extension shaft adapter.

Designed and Manufactured in the UK