Steering Wheel

XAP Steering Wheel – Gear and Clutch Paddles

Real XAP Steering wheel hardware as used in GP2/GP3, Renault World Series, F3, Formula-e and other championships. Featuring electronics designed by Leo Bodnar for simulator use only. Same model full colour TFT screen as used by XAP in the real wheel for the ultimate in realism.



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  • Two gear and two clutch paddles on the rear with magnetic sensors for adjustable gear activation point.
  • Very clear 400×240 resolution 3″ LCD screen with LED backlight.
  • Six high quality Apem push buttons on the front of the wheel that can be assigned in game to different functions. The two black buttons are used for scrolling through different screen pages on the LCD screen.
  • Eight bright red LEDs for rev indicator
  • Four bright RGB LEDs (two either side of the rev LEDs) which can be configured easily for different indication uses (yellow flag, fuel low etc.)
  • Very high durability rubber grips

Screen Pages

Two replica screen layouts from GP2/GP3/FR2.0 and further screens planned. Switchable by using two buttons on the wheel.


The high durability rubber grips and magnetic sensors on the paddles make this a very durable and maintenance free wheel for many years of operation suitable for use in driver training simulator centres, exhibitions or frequent home use.

Below is a comparison between the rubber grips after four years of hard use on the Cool Performance driver training sim vs typical wear of suede and leather grip wheels even after just a few driving sessions:

rubber grip wear
XAP Rubber Grips
suede grips wear
Suede Grips
leather grip wear
Leather Grips

PC Connection

Completely standalone USB device fitted with high quality coiled USB fly lead and high quality industrial connector. Supplied with 3m USB extension lead with standard type A USB to plug directly to the PC.

Wheel Base Compatibility

The wheel has the standard motorsport 50.8mm x 3 bolt fixture pattern on the rear which means you can fit the majority of 3 bolt quick releases or adaptors to it.

Game Support

Supports over 30 games including rFactor, iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, F1 2019. F1 2020 with software plugins by.


See the wheel being used in real life

Lucas di Grassi GP2  test


Wheel in use in a Formula Renault 2.0 Car Cockpit


Formula Renault Cockpit featured in iRacing

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