Our Racing Simulator Steering Wheels

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Steering wheels are the final touch which make your racing simulator personalised. But which steering wheel is right for me you may ask.

Steering wheels are a cosmetic addition to a certain extent, but when this is the main racing simulator part in your eyeline, you want to ensure you have the right steering wheel quality and functionality available to you. Below we have outlined why our steering wheels are the top in the racing simulator industry.

We spent years experimenting different companies and steering wheels, thats why we use Precision Sim Engineering. We have developed our LMPS exclusivley which we sell and PSE manufacturer. Working together for a number of years we can cater to everybodies racing simulator steering wheel needs.

All of our steering wheels which go onto our simulators are checked and calibrated before they leave our HQ. We set the buttons and calibrate the clutch to your needs. Taking the hassle of the set up away from you.

Firstly is shifters, almost every simulator steering wheel has paddle shifters, to change up and down gears, all of our steering wheels have carbon fibre clutch paddles, which is a minor detail you may ask yourself, but when trying to replicate real life you want everything to be as close as possible, thats why we go into the finer details of shifter feeling and material.

Secondly, the buttons on the wheel are programmable to any feature your racing simulator allows. For example, you can choose one of the buttons to be the pit limiter or flashing headlights in-game, you can even have it for computer functions such as pausing music or push to talk on discord. The material of the buttons are to a motorsport grade, meaning it will feel exactly how it would in the real car, pushing a button or changing brake bias via a dial.


LMPS Steering Wheel | Cool Performance Racing Simulators

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Our Racing Simulator Wheel Features

LMX Steering Wheel | Cool Performance Racing Simulators

One feature which is not on most racing simulator steering wheels is dual clutch. In simple terms, they are two levers which are spring-loaded below the shifters that allow you to control the clutch. These clutch paddles are used un a variety of formula and GT cars. You can choose between using both or just one paddle. There is no setting changes for this due to the clutch running on the same axis, simply use two or one when you need.

The clutch paddles on a lot of steering wheels feature poor-quality springs, giving your hand a grinding feeling on the spring. With all of our clutch paddles, we know Precision Sim Engineering uses the highest quality springs to ensure a silky smooth clutch feeling when engaging the clutch on your racing simulator. Our steering wheels featuring clutch we allow you to calibrate one of the paddles to a set amount, allowing you to launch your cars easily by pre-setting the bite point.

Quality of grips are important, that the rubber material does not wear through frequent use and leave rubber residue on your hands. Thats why we provide you with the highest quality grips which are made from injection moulded polyurethane and have with micro-texturing for the ultimate grip. We can also adjust your wheel to how you have it in real life, as some drivers like using 'tennis style' grip tape over their wheel grips. We can fit these for you pior to shipping.

LCD screens are in almost every racing car with your live telemetary such as gear, speed, fuel and brake bias. All of our formula wheels have these dash boards and can be programmed to show any display you wish. You can have your real racing car dashboard displaying with the live simulator data.

The wheels themselves are made from carbon fibre, which replicates the wheel weight and feel. Along with a rapfix quick release it will feel exactly like a real racing car. You can take the wheel on and off in seconds if you prefur to do that for real life feeling when entering/exiting the simulator.



You can interchange steering wheels, meaning you are never limited to what style of wheel you can use. Simply pull off your wheel via the quick release and unscrew the power adapter.

Custom Steering Wheels

We can product custom steering wheels to suit your needs. We have produced wheels for classic cars, hypercars and GT cars.