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GT Simulator
Fully Adjustable Seating Position

Identical match for GT3 to Historic and all in between

Developed with all GT drivers in mind the driving position is completely adjustable to suit your requirements.

Our GT racing simulator can feature any GT style racing seat, we can fit your real racing car seat to our GT simulator.

Built Around You

Race Specification FIA Approved Sabelt Seats are fitted as standard, we have spent a number of years testing different GT racing seats and have chosen this seat due to it's strength, comfort, FIA approval rating and ability to interchange padding.

Electronically Adjustable

Easily find your perfect driving position with our electronically adjustable racing simulator pedals. The pedals can be moved back and forth 300mm with the touch of a button. Combining comfort with our GT racing simulator.

GT Simulator Seating
GT Simulator - Steering Demo
High Precision Servo Motor

Fully replicated steering feedback

An extraordinary amount of detail is felt through the wheel, with over 2 million points of resolution per wheel turn fed-back via the High Precision Servo Motor.

We believe it's crucial to feel the car through the steering wheel, thats why we use the highest grade steering motor on our GT racing simulator.


It's all in the wheel

Fully customisable steering options, that mimic that of your race car. Putting the control firmly in your hands.


Compatible with a variety of interchangeable wheel options, ensuring your simulator evolves with your career. With our quick 3-point release system, it's as simple as click and go.


The carbon-fibre facia and robust aluminium body.

LM Pro Steering Wheel

Switch gears swiftly with the seamlessly engineered magnetic Up/Down paddles. An additional two paddles are available, offering full control of gear changes and clutch control.


Can be paired with a 4.3 inch full-colour DDU dashboard, 16 integrated RGB LEDs, the DDU provides an intelligent interface to your motorsport simulator.


Hyper Accurate Hydraulic Braking System

An accurate brake pedal feel is one of the most important areas of a simulator where a driver can improve and take the advantage to the track, that is why we have taken the AP Racing master cylinder as used in real life and adapted it for our GT racing simulator.

Consisting of AP brake master cylinders and our simulated calliper the brake is able to withstand over 200kg of force with absolutely no loss. With hundreds of different configurations you’ll be able match the brake feel precisely to any GT racing car.

GT Simulator - Braking

Seamless gear changes.
First time, every time.

Choose precisely when to activate a gear change with magnetic paddles fitted as standard.

GT Simulator - Frame
Strong Frame

No flex. Whatsoever.

With unrivalled durability and stability, our GT racing simulator frame are designed & built in house using the highest quality powder coated aluminium with CNC manufacturing.

Ergonomically designed with zero flex and a lifetime warranty, you can be sure there are no obstructions to your sessions.

Screen Options

Immerse yourself with a solution for everyone

From more compact packages to fully immersive projectors we have a solution for every environment.

We can also provide you with curved monitors in the sizes, 27",32" and single ultra-wide monitors. Bringing the realism to you through the highest grade monitors and screens available on your GT racing simulator.


It’s what’s inside that counts

To ensure cutting edge performance, every GT racing simulator we provide is powered by a high end water cooled top of the range gaming PC. We are using the lastest highest grade computer components to ensure your simulator experience is silky smooth.

We set up each PC so you dont have to. Taking away the hassle of initial set up. We programme the PC so that certain applications load in specific ways and set up each game with their optimal settings.

Our PC's are set up with remote support, this means if you ever feel the need for one of our expert engineers to look at your simulator, we can. Via an encrypted code which you can give to us and we do the rest! These codes expire after we are finished with the remote support session to ensure your PC is never at risk of unauthorised access.


Why Do the Worlds Best Drivers Use Our Simulator and Software?

The bespoke software that we provide with our simulators has been extensively developed with drivers, teams and manufacturers to create the most accurate car and track models available. It is the exact same software we use on our driving training simulator at Cool Performance. Professional GT racing drivers that have won GT3, GT4, Le Mans (24 Hour) and GTE championships use our GT racing simulator software for their training.

The high accuracy of our software allows simulator data to be compared to real car telemetry enabling in-depth performance analysis when practising. It is so accurate that you can even ask your data engineer for your real car setup information to enter our software and you can suggest changes back to the team after applying them in the simulator.

We are constantly updating this software with new tracks and cars. We push out automatic updates with the latest tracks and cars to all our simulators and these downloads run in the background so you never have to manually update the software.

All of our simulators come with Assetto Corsa and iRacing installed and set up with the optimum settings.


Why do I need one?


Arrive Prepared

The sim is built to replicate your GT car in every way so you can arrive at the circuit fully prepared without wasting valuable track time.


Builds Strength

The 1:1 simulated forces help you build the required strength needed in your arms and legs.


Fine Tune your Race Craft

Honing your overtaking and defending skills whilst participating in Practice, Qualifying and Race sessions against other drivers in a variety of conditions.


Unlimited Practice

Try out new lines, visit new tracks, perfect your gear changes and master braking zones all in a safe environment. With track time so heavily restricted the ability to replicate these sessions at home is invaluable.

Martin Kodrić

"It’s precision and feeling, there is nothing like it on the market. It’s played had a huge part in my development"

Lamborghini GT3 Junior

Charlie Robertson

"The best sim I've come across in my career to date"

LMP1 WEC Driver

Andrew Watson

"The Cool Performance simulator blew me away."

McLaren GT Academy

"When looking for a simulator I wanted something that would be reliable and realistic"

2x PGA Tour Winner

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